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About Adventure Doc Clinic


At Adventure Doc Clinic, we believe that our statement of "Keeping you healthy for life's adventures" is our purpose. Our goal is to allow traveler’s to enjoy these adventures and come home safely.


Adventure Doc provides consultations on expeditonary, travel and remote medicine by appointment only. We are not currently accepting new individual patients. We are available for groups, corporate travelers and private contractor services exclusively.


The services provided range from pre-travel to post travel consults, including vaccinations, prescriptions and all products related to travel health. Our pre-travel consultation is a detailed and extensive event that generally lasts 1-2 hours. We pride ourselves that we take time with our travelers and answer all their concerns and questions. This is a highly pesonalized and custom service.


Our travel health providers are all experts in travel medicine and benefit from extensive research in disease outbreaks, current events and geography. This knowledge is applied to to single purpose...Keeping you healthy on your adventures. Through our daily updates on disease activity, potential health threats and political stability we are able to work with you to mitigate any potential risks. Frequently, political or health related climates change rapidly. Our business is to stay updated on these changes and keep our travelers informed.