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Visiting Friends & Relatives (VFR)

Visiting Friends and/or Relatives is a special type of travel.  Often times, this traveler has already been to the area and may have even been raised there.  However, you now live somewhere else and may have not been back in quite some time. Adventure Doc builds on the traveler’s prior knowledge of the area and looks at the new risks a VFR traveler may face. Local endemic diseases may not have been a problem in the past but protection previously acquired may have diminished in the time since you have been back.


Your pre-travel consult looks at vaccines and disease protection you may have previously had and combines that with current knowledge of the area and the possible illnesses you may face on your return.  Combining the details of your trip such as where you will be staying, how long you are there and what you will be doing, we can provide a strategy that allows you to focus on seeing your loved ones and not worrying about being ill.