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The Adventure Doc LINC (location Independent day/Night Contact) service provides travelers and adventurers the ability to contact an expedition and travel health expert from virtually any location on the planet, at any time of day. This service affords the ability to discuss personal health care needs in real-time, with an expert in remote medical care.



Typical Services in this package:


  • 24/7 Contact with Remote and Expedition Health Experts
  • Our Adventure Doc health care providers are specially trained in emergencies, infectious disease and health care management in remote and austere locations.

  • Communication Systems
  • LINC equipped travelers receive several methods of communication with our medical team.
    - Satellite phones, two-way radios, web-cams and internet access

    • Advanced Medical Equipment

    LINC equipped travelers can carry advanced medical supplies to be used under the direction of Adventure Doc consultation.
    - Examples of these medications include antibiotics and pain control agents as well as advanced diagnostics.

  • Traveler Medical History Review
  • All travelers are required to complete our online, pre-travel medical history form. We require this information 15 days prior to departure. The site is HIPAA compliant and the information is kept to a secure server used exclusively by Adventure Doc Clinic. We also consult directly with the primary care physicians, as needed.

  • Liaison with Medical Evacuation Services
  • This includes repatriation, evacuation and transfer to definitive medical care.


    Optional Services:


  • Pre-Travel Consult
  • This consists of customized medical advice based on destination(s), activities and demographics of travelers. Services include: Infectious disease risk and mitigation, preventative medicine, advised vaccines, personal medical kit assembly and safety precautions. The pre-travel consult service is delivered in electronic format to all travelers.