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Remote & Expedition


Adventure Doc offers 5, 7 and 10 day programs that are geared to health care providers from the level of experienced pre-hospital through physician. Participants with other backgrounds wishing to attend these classes should contact us about their experience level and special circumstances. Our classes are intensive and build on a required level of prior knowledge.  These programs are intended to prepare the provider to serve as an individual and/or team leader of others in the provision of health care in remote and expeditionary environments.


Topics and skills covered in these modules are vast and the level of detail is geared to “real world” application.  Providers working in these environments need to know a specific fund of knowledge and then have the required skills and ability to provide care in resource poor and improvisational arenas. These classes prepare you for this unique specialization of medicine. These classes are also able to be combined with other types of training such as tactical medical training, public health or existing medical education curriculum to enhance the skills of the provider.


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