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New Patients


Thank you for considering the Adventure Doc Clinic as a way to stay healthy on your upcoming adventure. Taking care of travelers is our specialty and passion. Below is an outline of our new patient process.



Due to our large volume of requests, we are no longer able to work with individual travelers. Adventure Doc is available for corporate, group and contractor patients only at this time.



Step 1: Contact us

The first step to consulting the Adventure Doc Clinic is to send us an E-mail. After that, we will begin your new patient registration!


Step 2: Invitation to Registration

Once you have contacted the Adventure Doc Clinic we will send you an e-mail invitation to log into our secure server with your own private password.

For our new patients making their first visit to the Adventure Doc Clinic we request that you take a few moments to complete our on-line registration form. This includes information on your dates of travel, destinations, medical/vaccine history and details about your travel activities.


Step 3: Complete Registration

You should complete the on-line registration form prior to your first clinic appointment. Completion of this on-line form before your first visit allows us to serve your health needs in a prompt and accurate manner.


Sample Registration Form

To assist you with the information required to complete the on-line form, a sample can be viewed here.



The use of a private, personal log-in and password ensures your privacy. This also allows you to take time with accurately and completely filling out the registration form. Contacting your primary care doctor is a great method of getting your medical history and vaccine records.


Step 4: Set your Appointment

The Adventure Doc Clinic will contact you after reviewing your on-line registration form to schedule an appointment. Travelers should plan to schedule their first appointment with us at least 2-3 months prior to their adventure and departure dates. This is due to a variety of reasons including properly spacing of vaccines, pre-travel council and trials of medications before you land at your destination. If this time table is impossible, we can accommodate. For optimum service we prefer 2-3 months advanced preparation.


Step 5: Visiting the Adventure Doc Clinic

The initial visit is a one to two hour appointment with our Travel and Expedition doctor. During this time, we will examine all personal health risks that you may encounter during your adventures. A personalized plan will be developed based on your destinations, activities, style of travel, medical history and duration of travel. All travelers are given a copy of their personal travel-health plan. There is also plenty of time for questions!


The travel-health plan includes:


  • Detailed information on health risks of your destinations
  • Information on local hospitals and medical care
  • Recent and current disease outbreaks at your destinations
  • Personal security issues at your destinations
  • Advice on required and recommended vaccinations



Our consult also includes:


  • Advice on a customized medical kit and opportunity to purchase
  • Advice on prophylactic medications
  • Methods of risk mitigation
  • Opportunity to purchase vaccines and prescriptions as indicated
  • Opportunity to purchase discounted traveler insurance from multiple carriers

Step 6: Relax

Our travelers go on their adventures knowing they have consulted with a board certified physician who specializes in Travel and Expedition Medicine. The Adventure Doc Clinic helps keep you healthy for life's adventures.