Adventure Doc Travel More Travel Safe



The Adventure Doc Clinic specializes in the health care of travelers and expeditions.  We offer a wide range of services to help our travelers stay safe and healthy.   Some of our services include:


Vaccinations / Immunizations & Prescriptions


Our clinic offers a full range of travel related vaccines such as yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, typhoid and booster vaccines for certain travelers.  In addition to vaccines we can offer prescriptions for medications such as anti-malarials, antibiotics or whatever else your travel itinerary requires.  

Travel Consultation


The Pre-travel consult with the Adventure Doc Clinic is a detailed and comprehensive event.  For approximately 1-2 hours you will discuss personally with our travel health experts about your destination, activities and medical needs.  Customized literature is prepared, a free travel health book is included, all questions and concerns are answered and every detail is covered.

HealthCare Provider Accompaniment


Travelers, adventurers or workers sometimes want to have the added security of traveling with a personal health care provider.  Adventure Doc specializes in this service and offers expertly trained expedition doctors and paramedics to accompany you on your travels.

Corporate Needs


Adventure Doc routinely provides consults for corporations, private contractors and humanitarian organizations on their specialized medical needs, often in remote and austere environments.  From designing protocols and medical education to individual case management, staffing needs and clinic establishment, we service your unique medical requirements.