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Leisure Traveler

Traveling for pleasure is one of the most common reasons people travel.  Travel is exciting, fun and relaxing all at the same time!  Whether you are going on safari, ocean cruise or staying in your hotel and “doing nothing”, pleasure is at the top of your list.  Adventure Doc works with you to help take the worry out of your adventures.  We focus on getting you to your destination, maximizing fun and then getting you back home, all in good health.  No matter your destinations or activities, we develop a personal travel health plan based on exactly where you are going and what you want to do.


Your personal travel health consult looks at a variety of individual factors and is designed to minimize risks based on your personal style of travel.  5 star hotels, beach-side camping, bungee jumping or bargain hunting, all have unique factors and we blend your style into the equation for health.  Combining updated information on disease outbreaks, local current events and local epidemiology is part of our research, leaving you free to research a good local eatery or how to spend your perfect first day!