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Expedition Traveler

Expeditions can have many different goals such as doing something first, doing something the fastest, doing something for a specific reason or simply doing it because you can!  The Adventure Doc Clinic specializes in the health care of adventurers on expeditions.  Remote health care, communications, portability and location are all critical factors.  We work directly with the expedition team leader to take the stress of developing the medical plan out of the equation.


Our personalized travel plan looks at many critical factors that allow team members to focus on the goals of the expedition and still feel secure with their health.  Our personalized pre-travel consult looks at endemic diseases and unique risks in the area, along with methods to reduce these risks.  Casualty Evacuation (Cas-Evac) plans are also examined to help formulate a plan of seeking medical help while on the expedition.  We also help you develop a medical kit that is designed based on the unique risks that your specific expedition will face.  Lastly, we cover general preventative health while on an expedition including managing your chronic illnesses in remote locations.