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Travel Consult


Pre-Travel Consultation


This is a 1-2 hour consult with an expert in travel and expedition health.  We evaluate your personal needs and risks based on your travel plans and discuss ways to stay healthy on your adventures.  Working with your travel health expert, you can decide which methods and advice are appropriate for your personal style of travel.  After your consult, you can choose to receive vaccines or prescriptions if they are indicated, in our clinic.  Your service does not end with your consultation.  We realize that travelers may have additional needs, schedule changes or questions that can arise after their consult.  We are here for you and available until your departure, at no extra cost.  Our goal is a happy, healthy and informed traveler.


Adventure Doc Clinic does not provide vaccines or prescriptions without our personalized pre-travel consult
Post-Travel Consultation


Sometimes, travelers come home sick.  The care of these patients requires specialized knowledge, skills and training.  The Adventure Doc Clinic provides care to travelers who return home ill.  Our health care providers are specially trained in diagnosis and treatment of travel related illness.  Our onsite laboratory allows for diagnostic tests and prompt care.  Most primary care physicians do not have experience dealing with illness in returned travelers.  Our travel and tropical medicine expertise allows us to recognize and treat illnesses in this unique patient group.