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Tactical Traveler

The “Tactical traveler” goes by many names including private contractor, security service, consultant or a multitude of other titles. The risks of this type of travel are great; due to both the nature of the job and the location you are headed.  Adventure Doc frequently works with private contracting groups who deploy their personnel into hostile or potentially hostile environs.  These travelers have many factors to be concerned over including direct personal security, local endemic disease, communicable diseases and possible medical evacuation.  We can help take the worry away from you and your family by developing a highly personalized plan that examines and decreases your risks, in all of these arenas.


Adventure Doc’s personalized pre-travel consult looks at strategies to help you get there, get your job done and get home. We help you develop a personalized medical kit based on the potential threats you will face, both as a general and a tactical traveler.  Combining extensive research on the area of operations, we look at threats that are commonly overlooked in a tactical deployment and work with you to mitigate these threats.