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Pre-Travel Consult


Our pre-travel is a comprehensive service about your personal travel health needs.  The initial consult with our travel health expert generally lasts one to two hours.  During this time we look at a variety of factors and develop a personalized plan to help you stay healthy on your travels.  Our one-time consultation fee is separate from the cost of vaccines, vaccine administration and prescription fees.



Due to our large volume of requests, we are no longer able to work with individual travelers. Adventure Doc is available for corporate, group and contractor patients only at this time.



Your personalized consult discusses concepts such as:

Food and water safety, infectious disease risk and mitigation, building a personal medical kit, the use of certain medications, advice on vaccines, personal safety issues such as street crime and civil unrest, travel within the country, who to call for help and the quality of local medical care, what to do if you have a problem, traveling with chronic medical conditions, carrying personal medicines with you, natural hazards such as storms and risk associated with personal activities in country.



The Traveler:

Just as each trip is unique and special, so is each traveler.  We look at your past medical history, prior vaccines, other places you have visited, allergies, personal style of travel, activities you have planned and comfort level.  With this knowledge, we start building your personalized plan.  This plan will provide you with a list of the required and/or recommended vaccinations for your specific destination without duplication.  Combining your prior records with new recommendations and country specific disease risk, we can boost or augment vaccines as needed. 


Travelers headed to certain locations may be at risk for unique diseases not commonly encountered at their home.  Our consultation identifies those travelers who may benefit from additional protection.  An example of this includes polio boosters in adulthood.  The consultation also allows us to keep travelers from harm by receiving vaccines or medications which may interact with their personal medications, allergies or special medical history. 


Another factor is which type of traveler you are.  Are you an adventurous eater?  Are you participating in high-risk sports?  Are you in close contact with local people?  Are you working in a medical facility?  Are you camping or sleeping outdoors?  Your travel activities influence your risks.  The personalized plan takes these activities into consideration and helps you travel safely, in your own style.  Travelers often have their prior vaccine records spread over several documents.  We consolidate these records into the Official World Health Organization International Certificate of Vaccination yellow card for each traveler.



The Destination:

Your destination is a critical factor in your travel health needs.  Simply going to a website and looking at what vaccines are advised for the country you are going to is not enough.  Most countries are very large places and specific areas within a country have different risks that others may not have.  A good example is knowledge about mosquito behaviors and where they are found.  A traveler going to a country where malaria is common will not have risk if they are in a mountainous area at altitude above the mosquito biting zones.  This small example is one of many that show just why a consult with a travel health professional is so much more informative and personal than a web-site visit.

We make it a point to know all the relevant information about your destination.  Is the upcoming rainy season likely to increase insect populations?  What about that measles outbreak, last year?  Did the government recently issue any traveler warnings?  What is the number of the local ambulance service?



Current Events:

Our travel health experts follow disease outbreaks and safety risks in foreign countries.  We subscribe to multiple intelligence gathering services that ensure we have the most current information, often to within 12-24 hours.  This news and data we gather is then analyzed and broken down into “easy-to-understand” information for our travelers.  If something changes between your consult and your departure, we will update you.



Traveler/Patient Education:

Ensuring that our travelers leave on their trip well informed and prepared is one of Adventure Doc’s goals.  During our consult we do not just discuss the things that can make you sick or hurt.  We discuss how you can avoid them and what to do if they do happen.  Personalized contingency plans and knowledge about self-help make a traveler feel confident and prepared.  Even experienced travelers have learned more than a thing or two from our consults.



Personalized Itinerary and Folder:

Each traveler receives a personalized folder about their trip with a lot of information.  The personalized travel health itinerary contains information on which vaccines might be helpful as well as information on the disease they prevent.  We also give information on local diseases specific to the area you are traveling, including ways to prevent or avoid them.  Country specific information is also included about whom to call in emergencies, the standards of local health care and seeking medical help. 


Out travelers also get a copy of our own book on Travel Health, included in their personal folder.  While not specific to their destination, travelers will find ample information on travel health overall.


The traveler folder also contains information on travel health insurance and repatriation.  Several providers are offered and special discounts are given to Adventure Doc Clinic travelers.



After the Consult:

Your service from Adventure Doc Clinic does not end with the initial consult.  Even though you only pay a one-time consult fee, we are available for questions, concerns, discussion and follow-up visits until your departure day.  We keep monitoring your destinations and keep you apprised of any significant changes in outbreaks or safety issues, up to your departure date.  


The Travel Health Consult from the Adventure Doc Clinic is a premier level service for travelers.  We do not simply offer vaccines without a consult.  We specialize in providing the best care possible to our patients/travelers.  This level of care is only able to be accomplished through a private consultation.