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Which Traveler Are You?


Just as many travelers have different destinations, they all have different risks.  The Adventure Doc Clinic designs a customized pre-travel consult for each of our travelers based on their destination, type of travel style and many other personal factors.  By looking at the initial reason for travel, we can begin to develop your plan.  A family safari vacation for two weeks will have very different health needs than a 3 day business trip to Bangkok.  A second honeymoon Nile River cruise faces different risks than a private contracting job in Afghanistan for 3 months.  Visiting Friends and Relatives (VFR) in your former home country requires a different plan than an expedition to the Gobi desert.


Adventure Doc offers a very personal and unique consultation.  While we never like to generalize our travelers, we begin by first learning about their trip and why they are going.  Sometimes, our travelers have a mix of reasons.  That is OK!  This is why you have a personal consult and we can work with you to make sure all of your travel goals are understood.