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Remote and Expeditionary Medicine

The care of patients in a remote and expeditionary environment requires a very unique skill set.  The ability to transfer to a higher level of care or consult specialists is often impossible.  A “specialized generalist” is often the provider that is required.  Our educational modules offer skills and knowledge that health care providers in these areas will find extremely useful.  These modules are grouped into multi-day series that are designed to help the provider be prepared and feel confident with work in austere environments.

Remote and Tactical EMS

The combination of our Remote and Expeditionary medical curriculum with Tactical Emergency Medicine (TEMs) offers a very unique learning opportunity to our participants.  These classes are ideal for private military contractors, governmental employees and military operators.  A combination of TEMs with remote medical skills produces a provider that is capable of serving a dual role both as a health provider and assault/security element.  Experienced health care providers will be able to competently serve with a tactical weapons team and experienced shooters will be able to serve their team as an advanced medical provider.


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