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Expedition Doctor Accompaniment


From pre-travel consultation including preventative health care, vaccines and potential health risks through direct patient care in the field; our doctors add comprehensive health care coverage to any group of travelers, in any destination, performing any activity.  Our physicians travel with the latest medical equipment and medications, allowing them to diagnose and treat medical conditions in the field. 


The security of having your private travel/expedition doctor with you on your travels adds increased confidence, peace of mind and relaxation to your travels.  Our services are provided with discretion in mind and while our physicians are always near-by, they are not intruding on your activities.


Typical Services in this package:


  • American Board Certified Physician (ACLS, ATLS & PALS certified)
  • Our doctors accompany the travelers and provide services 24/7 for the agreed duration.
    All our doctors are US licensed physicians with specialization in remote and expeditionary
    medicine in austere environments.

    ACLS - Advanced Cardiac Life Support; ATLS – Advanced Trauma Life Support; PALS - Pediatric Advanced Life Support

  • Communication Systems
  • Our doctors are traveling with our own communication systems:
    - Satellite phones for access to specialty consultation & evacuation services
    - 2-way radios for communication with multiple groups

  • Appropriate Medical Supplies
  • An advanced medical kit is augmented by additional medications and supplies based on geographic location, activities, traveler demographics and duration of travel. Our “Portable Emergency Room” is equipped with advanced diagnostics and treatment modalities. This includes cutting-edge trauma and infectious disease management.

  • Traveler Medical History Review
  • All travelers are required to complete our online, pre-travel medical history form. We require this information 15 days prior to departure. The site is HIPAA compliant and the information is kept to a secure server used exclusively by Adventure Doc Clinic. We also consult directly with the primary care physicians, as needed.

  • Liaison with Medical Evacuation Services
  • This includes repatriation, evacuation and transfer to definitive medical care.


    Optional Services:


  • Pre-Travel Consult
  • This consists of customized medical advice based on destination(s), activities and demographics of travelers. Services include: Infectious disease risk and mitigation, preventative medicine, advised vaccines, personal medical kit assembly and safety precautions. The pre-travel consult service is delivered in electronic format to all travelers.