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About Us

About Adventure Doc Clinic


The Adventure Doc Clinic specializes in the health care of travelers and adventurers.  We are able to serve travelers all over the world.  From our detailed pre-travel consults to our health care provider accompaniment The Adventure Doc Clinic “keeps you healthy for life’s adventures”.

Who we are


Adventure Doc is a travel and expedition medical group that pulls together the diverse and many talents of our team.  From our paramedics in the field to our logistics team, doctors and clinic staff, we all have one thing in common…A passion for travel and adventure!  We are dedicated to getting you ready for your adventure and helping you stay healthy while you travel.



Adventure Doc Clinic is always looking for amazing and adventurous people to work with us!  We are especially in need of expedition doctors and paramedics.  Paramedics and Physicians should have at least 2-3 years of post-training field experience and a strong history of international travel.  Foreign languages and wilderness medicine are always a bonus.